Everything starts in the verdant Val di Bisenzio, in Tuscany, just a few steps from the river that flows under the arches of an ancient Roman bridge and in the shadow of the beautiful Rocca Cerbaia. Here, Ciolini Brothers’ bakery has its roots.

The ancient local traditions, the artisanal craftmanship kept alive generation after generation, the creativity and the innovation skills are the main elements that, together with authentic raw ingredients, make the quality of our products so high.

When grandpa Adamo Ciolini came back from war (where he even fought in The Battle of Vittorio Veneto) he worked in an olive oil mill and in 1920 he learned how to make “Cofaccini”. He soon picked up the aart of bread-making, a knowledge he passed down to his son Francesco who, in 1960, together with his wife Rosa, opened his first bakery and expanded the production of local biscuits and desserts.

Today the bakery is run by Francesco’s sons, Roberto and Massimo Ciolini and their respective wives. In the modern bakery laboratories, they are able to create every kind of product thanks to the experience gained by working in the family business and enhanced by the constant trainings in Pastry Chef Schools throughout Europe.

The wide variety of products offered includes traditional local desserts and modern reinterpretations of ancient recipes. Local products, such as wild berries and the finest stone-ground chestnut flour from Val di Bisenzio, are used in innovative and original high-quality creations, which are embellished with decorations and wrapped in handmade packages.

The bakery business has been joined by a catering service for special occasions (link). With the entrance in the family business of the younger generation came the idea of creating this website with its e-commerce section (link) in order to let everyone enjoy Forno Pasticceria Ciolini’s products even from home.


Massimo Ciolini

Massimo Ciolini

Sonia Ciolini

Sonia Pagli

Petrusca Ciolini

Petrusca Voltan

Roberto Ciolini

Roberto Ciolini

Team Ciolini