soft butter cookies, with extra dark chocolate chips

SHELF LIFE: 180 days after production date

PACKET SIZES AVAILABLE: 500/300/200/150 g packets – 1,450 kg tray for loose product

HISTORY: The idea of putting chocolate chunks inside “cantucci” biscuits came from a very famous Italian chocolate company in the Sixties. Francesco and Rosa (Roberto and Massimo’s parents) soon realized that the chunks of dark chocolate needed a slightly different biscuit and they decided to change the “biscotti di Prato” recipe by adding butter to the dough. The biscuits became a huge success throughout the Val di Bisenzio (some receipts from 1961 certify that the product was sold in multiple shops in Vaiano, Vernio, S. Quirico, Migliana). Unfortunately, in 1988 the company stopped the chocolate chunks production, which became hard to replace considering that the products on the market did not reach the quality standards that our team was looking for. In 1933 Roberto and Massimo changed the recipe once again, in order to meet the customers expectation. This change created the mouth-watering biscuit that we still eat today, but the chocolate kept causing trouble – during and sometimes even after the cooking – so that the only option was to change to a smaller product with intense flavour. In 2009, thanks to a multinational company, our team was able to finally find the chocolate they had been trying to find for so many years, the raw material that really makes the difference. Our handmade extra dark chocolate biscotti were the first “soft biscuits” we ever produced and to this day they are our top selling-product.

TYPE 0 WHEAT FLOUR, ‘extra’ dark chocolate (minimum 72% cocoa) (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vanilla extract) (31.64%), granulated sugar, EGGS, BUTTER (5.15%), corn starch, pasteurized egg yolk, inverted sugar syrup, raising agents disodium diphosphate E405i and sodium hydrogen carbonate E500ii, grated lemon zest (Italia 76%), sugar, water, natural lemon flavour, acidifying agent(E330), preservative(E202), food colouring(E160a)(ii), SALT.
MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: Soy, Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Peanuts, Mustard.


  • Brand: F.lli Ciolini
  • Category: Traditional
  • Total Weight: 0.200 Kg

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