traditional Tuscan biscuits made with almond paste and candied fruit.

SHELF LIFE: 90 days after production date

PACKET SIZES AVAILABLE: 300/200 g packets – 1,450 kg tray for loose product

HISTORY: Fun fact: the name literally means “ugly but tasty” and we are not completely sure where these biscuits made with almond paste and candied fruit come from. The origins are divided between Tuscany, where they are called “brutti boni”, or Piedmont and Lombardy, where they are known as “brutti ma buoni”. The doubts about the origins can’t take away the focus on how unique and tasty these biscuits are.

Data sheet

  • Brand: F.lli Ciolini
  • Category: Typical ones
  • Total Weight: 0.150 Kg

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