small and round tart made with cinnamon and wheat flour and apple jam topping.

SHELF LIFE: 90 days after production date

PACKET SIZES AVAILABLE: the product is kept in a 250 g see-through and round package.

HISTORY: The Italian crostata is famous all over the world and our selection of products is entirely handmade by our pastry chefs, who personally select and choose every ingredient, such as butter and the different kind of flours. This version is made with 100% Tuscan wheat flour shortcrust pastry, cocoa paste with lemon filling and it is topped with extra dark chocolate chips and grated lemon
Although the Crostate market is a saturated one, we decided to give it a try and launch our own products with natural selected ingredients, such as fresh butter, free-range Italian eggs and cereals grown in Italy. The quality of these artisanal Crostate is already visible through the elegant and clean packaging, where it is possible to observe the golden of the well-cooked shortcrust pastry and the perfect fillings. Our fillings include multiple and various choices, as much as the shortcrust pastries which can be made with rye, oat, chestnut flour, cocoa, buckwheat and cinnamon. All these qualities mixed together make our products delicious and healthy at the same time.

Type “0” wheat flour from 100% Tuscan grains, butter, apple jam (glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, apple puree (12%), gelling agent (pectin), acidifier (E330), modified starch, preservative (E202), flavourings) powdered sugar, potato starch, egg yolk, apple, sugar, fructose – glucose syrup, fructose, acidifier E330, ground cinnamon, salt.
MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: Nuts, Peanuts, Sesame seeds, Soy.


  • Brand: F.lli Ciolini
  • Category: Artisan tarts
  • Total Weight: 0.250 Kg

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Our creations are shipped within ten days after the order to ensure the freshness and high quality of the products. Some of our specialties made with seasonal ingredients are only available during specific times of the year

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